we are offering free masterclasses to support you

As we are going through challenging times of crisis and change on a global level, insecurity and fear are on the rise. We want you to know that we are here to support you with our tools and resources.

In our free masterclass we’ll show you how to maintain or regain balance and inner peace, health and a strong mindset even when you feel outside forces are overwhelming.

We will walk you trough our time-proven voice and breathwork excercises for a deeper connection with your origins. Unlike yogic breathing this is… The fundamental step is to reset your breathing to your inborn pattern. This is nothing you have to learn, as it was the natural thing for you to do when you came into this world. Rather you have to unlearn unhealthy breathing patterns which you picked up from your elders. Rediscovering something as near and natural as your inborn breathing pattern will be liberating.

And: it is easy, everyone can be do it with a little support.
The only prerequisites being that you are open minded and ready to observe your body sensations.
How you will benefit from this:

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