Naima by A N I M A out now

Today we at BV are happy and proud to announce the release of Naima
by A N I M A

a production midwifed by Brilliant Voices together with Elf11, Oszillator and HighDee, the congenial production team around A N I M A.

Naima is the pre-release single off the concept album JazzPeriments – a tribute to AfroAmerican women in music.

The values and concepts behind this production as well as the vision and message of
A N I M A as an artist resonate deeply with our own company core values.
A N I M A takes a stand for empowerment, re-connecting to our origins and the final reawakening of the Goddess-consciousness in us

The music is complex and yet easy to listen to and even danceable: modern electronic soundscapes and beats meet the smooth melodies of a jazz classic. Hyping jazz for a young audience, building bridges between nations and generations, that’s A N I M A ‘s intention. And even more, Naima is a physical experience, music “plucking the strings deep within our DNA”.
All of which makes Naima a flagship production for BV and a project dear to our hearts.


Read more about JazzPeriments


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