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(video transcript)

Did you ever ask yourself why in all of history in all the stories, in all the movies
the messiah is always depicted as a man?

welcome to Bitches Brew Production House

these are the kind of questions we are going to ask you on your way to realizing your dream project

we are going to turn your world upside down and inside out

we are: Marion – the eye of Bitches Brew, Heidi – the ear of Bitches Brew and Natascha – the voice of Bitches Brew

do you have a big dream?
a dream that you locked away or that you never even got started on?
what got in your way?
life, building a familiy, the need to make money,
beliefs about yourself, your big dream or life itself?

we at BBitches Brew truly know what it means to have a big dream

our own journeys and the many many breakdowns we’ve all experienced have led us to develop what we now call a holistic production style
also we developed systems that will shake up everything that you knew or thought about yourself, life and your dream project

these systems will give you the unshakeable confidence to take all the steps needed to bring your project into realisation no matter what
we will show you how you – and only you – can take empowered ownership of your life’s ship


our Dream Project Jumpstart Checklist will give you a bird’s eye view on the total landscape of your dream project

It will give you great insights and help you diagnose your whereabouts, inner and outer obstacles, challenges,
but also give you a view on assets and tools that you already have

these new perspectives will hype you up to take a brandnew and fresh start on your dream project

go for it! 
download your personal free Dream Project Jumpstart Checklist now

we recommend you make a committment and fill out the checklist in one session

take a day, or an hour – but do it in one go

let go of perfectionism, let go of overthinking, don’t censor your thoughts
this is a work in progress

you can trust us – this is like a snowball

you will add and add and add to it once you dive into it

we have developed unique coaching systems that will help you connect with your project on a 3D physical level to
– feel what’s missing
– diagnose obstacles
– find ways to release them
– connect to your power point

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