How working with my physical voice has turned my view on life and myself around

Running along the riverside one icy february-morning, my entire being suddenly “hears“ the first murmurs of spring . The sun is out and shines a tiny bit of warmth onto my cheeks. A huge flock of swans (yes! swans) in flight leave me in complete awe. The whisperings of the river make me stop and sit down for a while. My thoughts wander free and i begin to reflect on the importance of feeling „HOME-NESS“ in my body. 


Looking back in time, I now realize how working on healing my damaged voice over the past years, has naturally brought almost unbelievable changes to most areas of my life. Old habits and routines began to gradually shift and fade away, practically all by themselves.


In 2013 for example, my body literally MADE me give up on cigarettes. Out of the blue, a cold (which has never been a barrier to consume my beloved cigarettes) ended this long-term relationship. I never ever touched a cigarette again. Also, I suddenly became super-sensitive to the effect certain foods had on my body. To my own amazement, I watched myself naturally change my diet. Today, I clearly „hear“ my body´s messages: time to move, time to rest, time to be in stillness, time to socialize and connect with people. Ah yes! people….I am very aware now, whose energies cause well-being and inspiration in my life and whose energies I better stay away from.

Being a working mum, artist and coach, I can´t always immediately meet my needs, yet it feels like I am getting better and better in loving self-care all naturally – YAY!!!


Big city life runs at a pace that is hard to keep up with. And almost EVERYWHERE around the planet, people are busy checking their smart-phones. 


The stillness I find on this „spring preview morning“ by the river-side (without my phone), makes the contrast even more blatant. In my minds eye I see how, through the World Wide Web, we are diligently building a new world and vast communities in the realms of the unseen. I literally feel the „buzzing business“ even without my phone, just by mentally tuning into it. This “new world“ opens huge possibilities for us humans to connect, to run businesses in a new way, to learn from every teacher around the globe, etc…. However, at the same time we are being drawn into a virtual reality that holds the danger of losing touch with ourselves. Observing the social media, I see that we can project a visual image of ourselves that we no longer need to EMBODY in real life.

We can make ourselves look as tall, as big, as thin, as young, as wise, as successful, as rich and maybe as UN-REALLY US, as we please. Considering what we hear from either the New Age communities or the quasi scientific „change your brain-change your life“ communities, this is EASILY achieved in a virtual world . But will the eventual gap between the image we project and how we truly look and above all feel, not draw us further away from ourselves? And will the actual reality we may find coming out of the virtual world not cause frustration, even depression and loneliness? Will this create the addictive need to return to a world where feeling the way we want to feel is effortlessly accomplished? 

Virtual Reality IS our newest drug and (self) awareness is now more important than ever. In order to be able to use the benefits of our global connection wisely, we need to stay connected to ourselves and each other in flesh and blood. Likes and comments certainly can never replace real human relationships.

One great way to generate deep body connection AND MORE (!) is singing or working with the physical voice.


My voice truly has been and still is my greatest teacher.

The quest for MY voice, with all the devastating moments I experienced, has brought me home. Home to my body and home to myself. I am not saying that all my challenges are currently solved. However, life now has become an adventure and I am now powerfully responsible for my being, my healing and my becoming. I am also connected to the shadow-sides of our world in great empathy, without being swallowed up by its pains, its delusions, its, in part disastrous, belief-systems. More often, I can hold a loving space while trusting that we will find the way to end the painful wars against OURSELVES and contribute all that is in my power to growing awareness, self-empowerment and love. 

All this and more, I owe in large to the friction with my vocal unfoldment, I owe it to my voice teaching me.


The voice that lives in us holds so much wisdom and core truths that can be applied to almost every area of life. We can learn so much from our voice and sound.

It is the river on this icy february-morning that made me completely clear on the importance to re-connect to our bodies, to be close to nature and each other.


It is through returning to being in love with MY body that I personally found the power of my life´s voice.