When I went to Natascha for a coaching session for the first time, she personally united everything that my work as a musician and artist is about: the big picture. It's not just about breathing and voice training, but above all about understanding yourself as an artist, as well as understanding your own body and your very own individual expression. Your work is so well-founded, emphatic, sensitive, as well as demanding and revealing. THANK YOU for your appreciative, powerful, motivating and transforming work!
Biggest & warmest recommendation!
Anne Eck
Anne Eck
Artist, Singer, CEO of all female record label
Dear Natascha,
I am happy to send my Statement to you.
"Natascha’s vocal coaching was my master class in singing. She sees people and their individual styles. She helped me embody my own expression and to feel safe in the unknown. Now I have all the tools to solve problems on my own, although I know that her doors are always open."
Big Hug, Yours,
Singer and Songwriter

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