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to master your instrument you need to understand its mechanics. you can only build technique when the natural coordination of your body instrument is fully understood.

Tash founds her expert teaching method on what she calls inside out learning via observation rather than imposing new technique. 

“It’s not about imposing new methods or information but rather about remembering and understanding the mechanics already installed in you.”

  1. One hour voice and breathing solo session. (V hour)

One hour classes are perfect for making the first step to finding your own voice. 

  1. One day voice and breathing workshop. (V Day)

Finding your own voice is never easy! Share the experience with a group and watch your life transform.

  1. One weekend voice and breathing retreat. (V Weekend)

Finding time to really work on yourself can be tough! Join us on a weekend retreat and make the best of your voice potential.

what others say:

When I went to Natascha for a coaching session for the first time, she personally united everything that my work as a musician and artist is about: the big picture. It’s not just about breathing and voice training, but above all about understanding yourself as an artist, as well as understanding your own body and your very own individual expression. Your work is so well-founded, emphatic, sensitive, as well as demanding and revealing. THANK YOU for your appreciative, powerful, motivating and transforming work! Biggest & warmest recommendation!

Anne Eck, Artist, Singer, CEO

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