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the voice is more than just something for speaking and singing

the voice is the most immediate and purest expression of you

“The voice is more than just something for speaking and singing. The voice is the most immediate and purest expression of you,” shares Natasha, one third of the production house, Bitches Brew. “We feel a deep calling to help people realize the full potential of their lives through reconnecting to this powerful life force that’s within them.”

The power trio platform Bitches Brew features Natasha (Natalie Jean-Marain), Marion Kunst, and Heidi Bobal. Each has a distinct specialty they bring to the intrepidly innovative company. Bitches Brew is Vienna-based, but its reach is international.

The production house offers a broad array of services including embodied voice coaching for professionals, music production, video production, event production, songwriting, artist development, record label outlet, marketing counseling, and career coaching. The end goal is to provide tangible tools and potent self-knowledge that enables clients to be their own gurus.

“In my own process, it has been extremely frustrating that I was dependent on my teachers because I couldn´t quite understand how to execute what they were teaching me – it was a long road of trial and error. We at Bitches Brew are committed to people knowing their body, their mind, and their heart so that they can be self-reliant.” 

Bitches Brew is a female-founded and run company. “Our projects are mainly designed to empower women´s creative voices, regardless of age, body-size or cultural background. We work to claim our Queendom,” Natasha says. Bitches Brew also works with men who share its core ethos.
Besides featuring a staff of superstar music biz professionals, the company is founded on the vision that there is a unique original voice within in each and every human being. The quest of Bitches Brew is to help people discover this gift through pragmatic methods that start with scientifically-based breathwork and bodywork. Natasha adds: “Producing, combined with deep inner coaching work, enables people to realize their dream projects.” In this creative context, Heidi is “the ears,” Marion “the eyes” and Natasha “the voice” of each Bitches Brew production.
“We want to make people aware that they have the power to step outside self-imposed boxes, and we want to show them the way out,” says Bitches Brew co-founder Marion. Co-founder Heidi adds: “Sometimes it’s hard to see our value in this society. Bitches Brew is a way for people to get off the endless cycle of accepting societal norms, and get into making their dreams a reality.”
Bitches Brew is an asset to singers, speakers, actors, performers, dancers, visual artists, and business people—anyone who has life goals but need to unblock inner passages to achieve them.

“in my own process, it has been extremely frustrating that I was dependent on my teachers
because I couldn´t quite understand how to execute what they were teaching me”

Bitches Brew is influenced by strong women leads who have made boldly authentic and artistic statements. Some like-spirited artists include Björk, Sevdaliza, Lady Gaga, Cher, Sylvia Massy, and Sia, among others. Musically, BB lives in the worlds of pop, jazz, experimental, alternative, rock, and indie.
Each person in Bitches Brew brings her own professional expertise. Natasha is an artist, a sage, a thought leader, a career coach, and a public speaker. Her music is majestic and multi-dimensional, a mélange of rousing poetic lyrics and romantic narratives, beats, ethereal electronic soundscapes, sleek orchestral and choral touches, and smoldering pop-sensual vocals.
Natasha is a featured artist who will be produced by Bitches Brew, and she will release her music through the production house. Outside of her solo career, Natasha is a sage career coach guiding clients to achieve their dreams through her unique approach to voice work and self-growth. She works from her self-developed and foundationally transformative RPS™system (resonance production support) informed by science and psychology that delivers tangible results. Natasha conducts workshops and speaking engagements about her groundbreaking methodology. 

“I’ve discovered that reconnecting with your essence through body and voice work can eliminate blockages,
thereby also enabling thought leaders and visionaries to find their voice and have the confidence to speak their vision.”

Natasha brings her year long experience as a voice coach to the company using her unique systems and methods not only to develop voices for singing and speaking but also to excavate and access the mental and spiritual power to take ownership of their lives, to create from their inner source and contribute their very unique gift to the world. 

Marion is an Austrian songwriter who is carving a niche in German-speaking countries. She brings Bitches Brew her gifts as a visual artist, and her profound theta-healing technique to enrich and empower clients.
Heidi is an accomplished and intuitive sound engineer and producer with a large network of musicians and entertainment biz contacts. She is available to produce albums and finesse sound during live events. Heidi’s skillset also extends to coaching artists how to grow their career in terms of day-to-day career essential responsibilities.


Natasha, Marion, and Heidi share powerful backstories of triumph over trauma, gender biases, physical ailments manifested from emotional struggles, and a deep desire to find their life’s purpose. All three’s journey’s converged at Heidi’s studio. Marion went there to record after admitting she wanted to sing all her life. Natasha was a something of a superstar client who dazzled everyone at the studio. Heidi ended up engineering Natasha’s session and the two formed a profound bond.
“When she was gone, I immediately googled her name to find out more about her, and found Brilliant Voices, as Bitches Brew was initially called,” Heidi recalls. “All the things Natasha had written there about her own life, her struggle, her goals, her inspirations suddenly opened up a vista of a life filled with purpose and meaning and value and music. I was overwhelmed. It was as if a door had opened up wide – and, in that instant, I felt a deep longing inside my stomach – to pursue my own mission again.”
Natasha and Marion met at a networking event and talked into the night about their life dreams and desires. “We instantly connected, openly sharing our big visions and dreams. We immediately started to work on developing ideas and projects. We learned a lot from each other and about ourselves that night,” Marion shares.
Marion and Natasha collaborated on a project at Heidi’s studio, and then and there Bitches Brew was born as it exists today. Reflecting back, Marion says: “Natasha, Heidi, and I are evolutionary power partners, challenging each other to become our best, most evolved selves everyday.” Natasha sums it all up: “We’ve learned and we share with others that you don’t have to seek outside for answers once you fully re-connect with yourself. Everyone has something special inside.”

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