i had a dream.
my dream was to write music (and words – i see myself as a “musical poet“, a storyteller) that reaches people on a cellular level, music that reminds them, us all on who we are, that impacts the world and brings change. i always wanted a world in which everybody would be cared for (the story of the beggar). from a VERY early age on, i was so deeply startled by poverty, war, people´s suffering, by the state that our world was in. yet i saw a glow in everyone i met and i felt a glow inside of me that wanted to find expression.
but i felt too small, too unimportant and above all: i felt i didn´ t really have what it takes. 
i was too untalented, too ugly, too …. at the end of the line: i simply was not good enough.
my voice was flawed, i was flawed.
in fact, my first years of experience in the music-world were a nightmare.
so i gave up my dream. became a mum of 3 and started coaching. i did well. i helped people ignite their passion, find their confidence, ignite their inner radiation. FIND THEIR VOICE.
i truly enjoyed the work and the successes i saw, but my vision, my passion, my own voice slowly faded away.
Until, one day, my physical voice was literally almost gone.
i went to doctors, voice-teachers, speech-therapists, i practiced every exercise they gave me, spend tens and thousands of dollars on finding help. nothing helped. i lost almost an octave of my range and when speaking for half an hour i was completely hoarse.
my whole world crumbled. it was a disaster, a true “tower-moment”: not only my dream to sing my poems was lost forever, teaching voice was my source of income and the only thing i knew how to do.
this is when everything changed. I STOPPED DOING WHAT I WAS DOING. i completely paused myself.
and i started observing. primarly my body, and eventually my thoughts, my feelings, my actions.
i learned about my PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT from the inside out. and my physical instrument became the NAVIGATING SYSTEM that not only lead me to understand my physical voice, but also led me to see a deeper level of me (THE GLOW), diagnose all the blockages that stood in the way of me and my dream, gradually releasing all of them, to now build my Brilliant Voices (THE GLOW. a STAR in the night-skies) company and develop myself as an artist, the musical poet and visionary that i am: NATASCHA