From a young age I preferred singing to speaking. I was often humming or singing for hours.
But then, I remember that one day someone made a stupid comment about my childish sound production. Eventually I stopped singing, my natural way of expressing myself and relaxing, was lost.

Thank goodness, I had a large variety of interests, nature, animals, travelling, drawing, tech stuff, I did not fall short of things to be passionate about. And freedom. Freedom was the most important topic in my life. From early on, I resisted being put into a box. I felt people did not understand me and so I stayed in my own world. These experiences eventually led to the belief that nobody cares about what I do and what I have to say, because I’m different, not aligned with social guidelines.
As a child and as a teenager I managed well being alone. The contact to other people and social connections became less and less interesting to me.

Later on, I wanted to be part of a clique. I believed, to participate and to join in everywhere, would be the thing to do. This worked wonders for a while and I even had fun “playing roles“. But eventually, I lost contact with myself. This was not a good way for me to be either.
Material dreams and wishes, like a house, a car, fancy fashion, didn’t make me happy, even if they realized. I hated the job I started after I graduated from high-school. I couldn’t imagine working there or anywhere else “nine-to-five“. The urge to get out became so strong that I eventually left. Nobody understood how I could leave such a „secure“ job. 
A few weeks later I started my education as a photographer. For the first time I had fun at school. I was interested in the topics and I also had like-minded people to interact with.

Soon after receiving my degree in photography, I started my own business. I enjoyed my work, but I never reached the point where I earned well on a regular basis. All efforts to increase visibility and reputation were unsuccessful. Out of the blue, I even experienced a drastic loss of clients. 
This is when I knew, I had to change something. Fortunately, I felt open to other possibilities and to exploring new ways.

One day, I remembered how much I once loved singing. I took a brand-new start with my voice and rediscovered the positive vibration of joy while singing. Singing made me smile again.

This was my „big secret“ for a while. 

One day, I took heart and told a close friend about my love for singing. Her reaction was totally positive and her genuine interest surprised me. She even expressed the desire to hear me sing.
Opening myself to her, triggered a chain of positive events that I could have never planned.
I started to work with her. We both overflowed with ideas and launched various projects. We produced videos for youtube and even planned to do music videos.
We booked a session at Heidi´s recording-studio. I recorded my first cover-song for our first music-video. This is when Heidi and I met.
Unfortunately, our projects did not make money and so, despite our commitment and joy working together, the cooperation with my friend ended.
But: my course was set and I knew, that returning to being a photographer only, was not an option.

This is when Natascha walked into my life. We met at a networking-event and instantly connected, openly sharing our big visions and dreams. We immediately started to work on developing ideas and projects. We had a lot of fun to generate deeper messages in an artistic way. We learned a lot from each other and at the same time about ourselves. The way we see ourselves and the things we do changed drastically in this phase. We excavated blockages and obstacles and released many of them. Everything moved in a positive direction. However, we were unable to establish a business and financial freedom despite all wonderful experiences, insights and valuable information.
After months of various difficulties and detours during our first big music-video production „Paso A Paso, I suggested Natascha to finish the recordings for this project at Heidi´s studio. This is when Natascha and Heidi met. And instantly connected as well.

Our BV vision was born.

My mind became increasingly preoccupied with how we could accordingly monetize all of our ideas and projects. I wondered how such high-end motivation, joy and dedicated work did not effortlessly lead to financial gratification and success.

I turned inward, searching for wrong beliefs, insecurities and fears and I spontaneously decided to do a Thetahealer® training. Primarily to solve my own hidden patterns and programs and to maybe later help others with this simple, often fast working technique.

Thetahealing® helped me in all areas of my life. however, it did not yet help me find my financial independence.

Music and singing now have become a very important part of my life, my art, my personal expression.
I’ve started to write my own songs in German and: I sang and played them to an audience!! What a journey. I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that a few years ago.

Along with singing, I now enjoy living my diversity. There’s so much I want to experience, do and figure out. Today I’m bold enough to live my freedom and there is no more bending and fitting into boxes, in order to feel connected and have real friendships.
Natascha, Heidi and I are evolutionary power partners, challenging each other to become our best, most evolved selves everyday.
Although not every piece of my life is totally in place yet, I know that i’ve reached a point, where I can embark on a journey to new horizons.

Freedom is for me…

…to realize and use one’s own possibilities to leave the hamster wheel
…to try new things and question habits.
…to develop myself towards independence, in all directions. find your own “heart things”, to start them and to pull them through, to be able to make a living of them and thereby stay yourself (no bending).